Pandemic Legacy Gaming Session 2/5/16 (Jan & Feb Spoilers)

First time playing Pandemic Legacy (red box, Season 1).  We played January and February, winning both, though with some minor hiccups.  SPOILERS FOLLOW

The January game, I tried to get the 5 of us (playing only four characters to maintain balance) set up before reading all the rules.  As a result, I missed the fact that the Legacy deck was not in correct order and thus didn’t see that we needed to move forward in the deck upon our second epidemic until we had won the round.  We had gone through four, possibly all five epidemics before curing our fourth disease.  We played as medic (Jorge), scientist (Kate), researcher (Kit), and dispatcher (Amanda)) and focused on avoiding outbreaks.  So we believed that even had we followed the Legacy deck, we still would have won, perhaps quicker with only needing to cure 3 rather than 4 diseases.

The February game, we subbed out the scientist for the quarantine specialist.  We missed her limitation, that she can only do her special trick of placing quarantine markers in far away cities once per turn, and got about halfway through before catching our mistake and playing correctly the rest of the way.  It may have had a minor impact, but we won with one incurable disease cube left to be placed, all epidemics out, and only 4 player cards left.  We won by the skin of our teeth.  I think we might have actually played a bit better had we known the correct rule, doing more to block the incurable disease from appearing.  Considering the new penalty for winning, losing funding, I don’t think we were wrong to not replay that month.  I strongly suspect that we will lose March.

Trying to figure out the perfect combination was very interesting and kept us all entertained throughout the game, despite it also tiring us all out.  I think we’re all looking forward to the next game.